About Us

The Owner

Our owner and his family!

Kaleb Allison has worked within the seafood industry for several years. After mentoring up under Jason Cogburn, the owner of Boyd's in Texas City, Kaleb has decided launch his own business in Montgomery County, Kaleb's Crawfish & SEAFOOD. Kaleb is most commonly referred to as "The Shrimp Guy" and he kinda' digs it, but there is another title that best describes his world: "DAD". He is the dad of two boys, before he considers himself anything else.

The Mission

A bowl of Gumbo!

Kaleb's Krawfish & SEAFOOD is committed to bringing the highest quality seafood possible to the north Houston area, in particular, Montgomery County. We receive the majority of our seafood fresh from the gulf of Mexico. Our LIVE crawfish come from a dock relationship we have in Louisiana. From time to time, we receive specialty product from other high quality suppliers from across the country. We deliver these superior products to you, our customers, at consistently competitive prices.

The Motivation

My boys!

Everyone is motivated by something. Kaleb's greatest motivator is establishing a solid future for two busy boys, Aiden Bryce and Ashton Parker. No doubt, Kaleb loves being able to build relationships with AMAZING customers. He loves being able to deliver FANTASTICALLY FRESH seafood to our community. He loves being able to offer a price point that will give people an option other than a GENERIC product from a big box store. BUT... at the end of the day, he does what he does for his boys; his little world!!!